​Taking the Park to Ashland


      On the corner of 9th Ave W and Main, with a view of the Lake, stands a new mural in Ashland’s Mural Walk. Dedicated this past spring, artist Sue Martinsen painted 13 postcard landscapes in celebration of the National Park’ Service’s 100th birthday. Sue said she placed herself in each scene, felt the weather and let her paintbrush do the rest. We feel anyone looking at the mural will remember a past visit or place themselves in the Park for the first time. Numerous businesses and individuals helped support the effort.

“We can imagine what it would be like to have our feet in the sand or bundling up to visit the ice caves,” reflected State Representative Beth Meyers. “It makes us realize just how fortunate we are to have this in our backyard.”

Check out the “Mural Dedication” article in the Ashland Daily Press.

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