April 11th – APIS Quarter Launch and Coin Exchange

April 6, 2018

10am at Legendary Waters Resort, 37600 Onigamiing Drive, Red Cliff, WI
Commemorating the release of the 2018 APIS NL coin to be released in the US Mint “America the Beautiful” Quarters Program. It features a drawing of a kayaker along the Devil’s Island shoreline with the iconic lighthouse in the background above the sea caves.

“Friends” is providing the funding for local schools to attend the launch. Children will receive a quarter keepsake. Present will be representatives from the US Mint and guest speakers. For collectors, a coin forum will be held at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center on April 10th at 6pm.

See https://www.usmint.gov/news/upcoming-events or Facebook usmint.gov/events

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