The Friends reveal their new 2019 photo “MYSTIC DREAMS”

Most people experience the unforgettable sea caves and the shoreline of Devils Island by day… by kayak, by sailboat or by tour boat. It’s a totally different, awe-inspiring experience on a moonless night when only the Milky Way lights the southern sky. We are pleased to present to you a view of the island that very few people have ever experienced.

Madison, Wisconsin-based photographer Joe Garza composed “Mystic Dreams” to bring together many of the core elements that make the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore such a special place: layers of ancient sandstone endlessly reshaped by Lake Superior’s pounding waves, a shallow pool in the rock and the subtle curve of the shoreline and trees receding in the distance.

Joe positioned himself along the island’s western shoreline, just inches above the sandstone, to capture the Milky Way reflecting perfectly in the pool. You’ll notice a shooting star crossing the core. Saturn and Jupiter are also visible.

This image is the tenth in our series celebrating the outstanding visual beauty of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

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