Registration now open for free online Apostle Islands 50th Anniversary Resource Stewardship Symposium, March 30-31, 2021

Learn about the rich cultural, ecological and natural treasures within the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. The islands are an important place of sustenance for people, plants, wildlife, and more. Throughout the years and continuing today, people experience the dynamic landscape and ask questions to understand what makes this a special place.

Join us for this special online event, where presenters will share the rich story of the Apostle Islands—from water quality, fisheries, and underwater landscapes; to wetlands, plants, birds, and mammals; to the cultural heritage, Ojibwe culture and fire, and traditional ecological knowledge. While participation is free,  registration is required. (Click to register)

Preliminary agenda:

  • A Retrospective: Research and Resource Management at Apostle Islands NL
    Julie Van Stappen, Apostle Islands NL
  • Fifty Years of Cultural Resource Research at Apostle Islands
    Dave Cooper, Apostle Islands NL
  • Human Presence on the Landscape: 50 Years of Archeology at the Apostle Islands
    Dawn Bringelson, Midwest Archeological Center
  • Lunch
  • Flora of the Apostle IslandsSarah Johnson, Northland College
  • Past, Present and Future of Fire in the Apostle IslandsDamon Panek, Apostle Islands NL and Lane Johnson, Cloquet Forestry Center
  • Past, Present and Future of Fisheries in the Apostle Islands
    Brad Ray, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; Chad Abel, Red Cliff Tribe
  • Our Changing Lake: Emerging Water Resource Issues in the Apostle Islands
    Brenda Lafrancois, National Park Service
  • The Earth is Not Flat—and Neither is the Lake!  Underwater landscapes of The Apostle Islands
    Jay Glase, National Park Service
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge
    Dylan Jennings, Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission
  • Gaylord Nelson and Creation of Apostle Islands NL
    Bob Mackreth, Retired National Park Service, Apostle Islands NL

March 31
8:15 a.m.-4 p.m.

  • Registration
  • A Singing Wilderness: Songbirds of the Apostle IslandsTed Gostomski, NPS Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring Network
  • Tales From 45 Years with Gitche Gumee (In Pursuit of Piping Plovers, Other Shorebirds, and Colonial Waterbirds)Sumner Matteson, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
  • Bald Eagles: Recovery and ChallengesBill Route, Retired National Park Service
  • New Insights into the Dynamics of Apostle Islands Carnivore CommunitiesTim Vandeelen and Morgan Farmer, Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Ecology of the Small Mammal Community of the Apostle Islands ArchipelagoErik Olson, Northland College
  • Reconstructing an Unexpected Carnivore Recolonization: American Martens on the Apostle Islands of Lake SuperiorMatt Smith, Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Lunch
  • Not-so-Great Expectations: A vulnerability assessment for terrestrial ecosystems in Apostle Islands National LakeshoreSteve Handler, Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science  and Peggy Burkman, Apostle Islands NL
  • Resiliency and Vulnerability of Apostle Islands Coastal Wetlands
    Sarah Johnson and Matt Cooper, Northland College
  • Through the Eyes of 4th GradersSteve Ballou, Apostle Islands NL
  • Under the Surface and Zaaga’igan Ma’iinganag (Lakewolves)
    Toben Lafrancois, Northland College and Northwest Passage Ltd. and Ian Karl, Northwest Passage Ltd.

Friends of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is proud to be a part of this special event, which is part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the park.