Through the eyes of 4th graders

Through the eyes of 4th graders
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Through the Eyes of Fourth Graders is a book written and illustrated by students about their experiences in the natural environments of the area.

This presentation shares that journey, the experiences, lessons and most importantly, the thoughts expressed by young people through words and images.

The objectives of environmental education programs are to develop participant awareness, sensitivity and the understanding of their affective relationship to the natural environment, usually through conceptual knowledge and personal experience.

Recent, evidence-based studies suggest that experiences that forge emotional connections and encourage curiosity are most likely to succeed and have long-lasting influence that inspires environmentally responsible behavior and achieves environmental literacy.

Environmental literacy gained through experiential participation is also thought to aid in the development of values, problem solving skills, healthy cognition and emotional intelligence. 

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Steve Ballou, Apostle Islands NL

Presenter biography

Steve Ballou

Steve Ballou, is an Interpretive Ranger at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore where he has the privilege of connecting people to the wonders of the Islands and the Great Lakes Environment through educational and experiential outreach.

As part of connecting the park and rangers to people Steve launched a kayak ranger program last summer that facilitated placed-based interaction with visitors along the mainland sea caves and not so unintentionally made his job that much more awesome.

A geologist by training, Steve previously worked in an academic setting and has served as a seasonal ranger in Yellowstone National Park for over a decade before coming to the Apostle Islands. He enjoys several silent sports and spends much of his time paddling among and enjoying the islands, and is excited and honored to share “Through the eyes of fourth graders” as part of the symposium.

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