On the Islands and on the air: Apostle Islands Symposium recap on Wisconsin Public Radio

April 15, 2021

With over 650 registrants, the 50th Anniversary Resource Stewardship Symposium sponsored by Friends of the Apostle Islands was a huge success. If you missed it or just wanted to relive the excitement of the event, the Wisconsin Public Radio program, “Simply Superior” offers you a way to do just that.

Hosted by award-winning radio personality Robin Washington, the first half of the hour-long program offers a taste of several of the nearly 30 programs given at the Symposium with commentary by Jeff Rennicke, Executive Director of Friends of the Apostle Islands.

Washington acknowledged the Symposium as part of a celebration of 50 years of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. He said, “We all know the Apostle Islands as a gift of nature — and some of ’em our own little secret. They officially became a national treasure on September 26th, 1970, with their designation as a National Lakeshore.”

The program includes audio excerpts from some of the sessions, most of which focus on science and elements of the park that most people may not know about. “These islands are not only a beautiful place to kayak, hike, or beach-comb,” Rennicke said. “They are a treasure trove for scientists of many disciplines offering us a glimpse of where we have been, where we are, and where we might be headed in everything from climate change to bird migrations to fishery habitat.”

Rennicke also talked about what the Friends organization does, including sponsoring the Resource Stewardship Symposium. Of the Friends, Washington said, “It must be great to be the Friend of something that everybody loved.” “We all do love these islands,” Rennicke said. “Being a Friend of the Apostle Islands is a way for you to display that love for the islands and a way for you to give back… we help you help.”

Following the segment on scientific research, the program takes an artist turn with sample readings from A is for Apostle Islands. A literary project headed up by Bayfield Poet Laureate Lucy Tyrrell, A is for Apostle Islands brings together the collective works of 26 poets and 26 artists for a page-turning journey through the Apostle Islands from Anishinaabe to Zigzag Golden Rod. The poets themselves read and explained their works.

“Tell me your secrets, Gitchigami. I want to know what alchemy spins the summer sky to gold and black magic nights. Tell me of your love and gentle swells.”

Jude Genereaux – Spooner

From the science to the poetry of the Apostle Islands, listen to it all on “Simply Superior” from Wisconsin Public Radio. Listen to the segment any time at https://www.wpr.org/listen/1784426.

You can also watch the Resource Stewardship Symposium sessions on the Friends website here.

And be sure to also join us on April 26th for a live Zoom event dedicated to the ABC book project. Read about that opportunity here. Attendance is limited to 100 so please be there on time.

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