Tree blowdown on Oak Island temporarily closes trail sections

Bayfield, WI (National Park Service) – The southeastern part of Oak Island was heavily impacted by a severe storm that created a dense tree blowdown, blocking access to multiple trail sections.  The following sections of trail are temporarily closed:  

  • The Sandspit Trail (between the dock and sandspit) 
  • The Loop Trail for 1 mile traveling north from sandspit 
  • Note – currently the sandspit is accessible by water only, not by trail and it is not possible to walk the entire Loop Trail 

“The trail crew will be working on clearing the downed trees, but with this much blowdown reopening these trail sections will take time.  We ask the public to please stay on the open trail sections for your safety and to help us eliminate social trails,” said park superintendent Lynne Dominy. “The good news is that the rest of the trails on Oak Island are open, providing access to most of the island.” Visit  for regular updates.  

Tangled Oak Island trees, caused by a blowdown last summer – NPS photo

Remember, the park is bear country and bears can occur anywhere within the park. Oak Island has a very high bear population.  Help keep bears wild and avoid creating problem bears by being “bear aware”:  

🐻 Remain at least 50 feet from a bear. 

🐻 If you encounter a bear on the trail, let it know you are there and back away slowly. If it follows you or doesn’t back away, make yourself big (raise your arms), and yell, until it leaves the area.  

🐻 If a bear approaches you near a dock, campsite, or picnic area, make yourself big (raise your arms), and yell, until it leaves the area.   

🐻 If, after yelling at the bear, it doesn’t readily leave, report your encounter to park staff as soon as possible. 

🐻 Be sure to keep your food and other smelly items locked on a boat or in a bear resistant food locker when not in use.   

For more safety information, visit:    

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