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Once again, Shakespeare had it right. “Nature,” The Bard once wrote, “has music for those who will listen.”

Randall Adams has listened. A singer/songwriter from the Chippewa Valley who was once a sea kayaking guide in the Apostle Islands heard that music in the Islands and used that inspiration to write his song “A Day Among the Apostles.” 

The summer wind strumming the waves, the slow repeating verse of the surf, the voices in the bogs at sunrise. There is music in these islands – and poetry and art and a beauty that speaks to the artist’s soul, and through them, to all of us. The islands are more than just a place to recreate. They are a place to be inspired.

In our new installment of our “Sense of Adventure” series, part of our 50thanniversary summer celebration, we will look at the many ways these islands and this lake inspire us – poetry, art, jewelry making, night photography, music, even the inspiration to connect the islands through swimming, a kind of dance among the waves. 

“In our previous programs,” says Jeff Rennicke, Executive Director of Friends and host of the “Sense of Adventure” series, “we looked first at sea kayaking and island sailing, exploring the outer landscape. But when we travel here, we not only touch these islands, we are touched by them as well, and so with this show, we turn our focus inward to explore the inner landscape with a look at how these islands INSPIRE us.

Listen to and watch poetry, music, art, photography, and more…all inspired by the islands. And tell us, how do the Apostle Islands inspire YOU?

Website links featured in the program:

Randall Adams Music:

Austin Miller Studio:

Sarah Weber Silversmith:

Diana Randoph, Poet and Artist: and

Night sky photography:
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Mark Weller’s website:

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