Cross Country Skiing to Oak Island

Thick ice and deep snow made for perfect conditions to explore a bit of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Three local cross country skiers with significant island experience skied from Frog Bay Tribal National Park to nearby Oak Island early this month.

National Park Service Map

There, they found several sets of wolf tracks, confirmed by a wildlife biologist who said wolves have been sighted offshore of Red Cliff and the Apostle Islands this winter. Under clear blue skies, they also found some nice ice formations along the shoreline.

Like the snow and ice beneath their feet, the wintery sculptures on the shoreline are temporary. Before you consider making a trip like this, it’s important to know the conditions and have proper safety equipment.

You can check out current conditions in the park here. It’s important to note that the mainland ice caves, around the point to the west, remain closed due to unsafe conditions there.

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