THE PERFECT GIFT: The gift of caring for a place you love

Grinch and Christmas tree along icy shoreline in Apostle Islands

December 7, 2022

Think of the gifts these islands have already give you – the warm sand on your feet as you etch your footprints into a sun-warmed stretch of beach, the mystery of the sea caves with the harp-like drips of water all around, the sweet sailing winds in the sails, the starry nights around the campfire.

To all who have been here, and even to those who are still dreaming of it, the Apostle Islands have been a gift of adventure, beauty, history, and memories.

So when looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, look no further than the islands themselves. Available on our website you will find books like Apostle Islands Water Trips by John Frank and Jewels on the Water by Jeff Rennicke, both signed by the author and bound to spark dreams of early morning paddles and evening campfires.

Jewels on the Water
Superior Princess
Friends of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Logo

Or consider a gift membership from Friends that will help your loved one stay in touch with the latest island news, get the information they need to plan their next adventure, and show them you care. Give us the name and address of your lucky gift recipient and we’ll do the rest including sending them an elegant gift card announcing your generosity.

Or perhaps make a tribute donation for someone you love to our Access for All initiative aimed at helping everyone, including the 1 in 5 Americans who are challenged with mobility issues, enjoy the beauty and adventure of the Apostle Islands. A donation to Access for All can help fund boardwalks and accessible campsites, tactile and audio features on interpretive signs, a ramp to replace the 45-step stairway to the kayak launch at Meyers Beach, and other current and future accessibility projects. It is a way to leave a legacy, a way to make the memories made in a place like the Apostle Islands available to everyone.

Infinity symbol in green and orange Access for All
A bright rainbow in gray skies ends in the water just in front of the edge of Basswood island

Think of the islands. Recall the ribbons of rainbow tying together a summer sky over the islands, the red of sandstone cliffs fringed with the green boughs of pine and cedar at sunset, and the jingling bells of ice tinseled waves. Think of the place you love so much and perhaps you will realize that if you look closely enough, the Apostle Islands can seem already gift-wrapped.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Friends of the Apostle Islands.

Grinch photo by Michael DeWitt

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