In Focus: Friends welcomes Superior Photographic as a new Business Member

Intense sunset over icy Lake Superior waters - Superior Photographic

July 6, 2023

Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands have long attracted artists – painters, poets, musicians, and photographers. That draw was particularly strong for the newest Business Member of Friends of the Apostle Islands, Peter Wagner, owner of Superior Photographic.

For Wagner, his photographic journey began more than 53 years ago when he first picked up a camera to become the photography editor of his high school yearbook back in Guilford, Connecticut. From that moment, he set out to begin learning the art of photography. “Just as a guitar player must learn how to strum and fret a guitar,” he says. “a photographer must learn how to observe a scene, looking past the obvious, searching for color, shape, contrast, texture, and tone. It is a trained skill that creates visual rhythm.”

Peter Wagner Superior Photographic logo

For much of his professional career in other fields, he traveled throughout North America, camera in hand as a hobby. “My photography is driven by my love of nature and travel,” Wagner says, “and influenced by the joy I experience through quiet, understated architectural design and stimulated by the colors and shapes present in each sunrise and sunset.”

It was, in fact, one of those sunsets that cemented Wagner’s love of Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands. “My focus was kickstarted on the shores of Lake Superior at Little Sand Bay in December 2019,” he says, with “a brilliant sunset coloring the sky, the lake, and the ice at -3 degrees and a 10 mile per hour wind.”

Little Sand Bay December sunset - Superior Photographic

Little Sand Bay December sunset – Peter Wagner

Now retired, Wagner spends much of his time at his cabin on Bark Point, sitting 65 feet above Lake Superior in Herbster, focusing on his love of landscape photography and, as he says, “taking in all the wonders which Lake Superior delivers to my door.”

But for Peter Wagner, photography is not just about taking. It is also about giving back. Recently, Peter took his first steps to do just that, not only joining Friends as a Business Member but taking part in a volunteer effort on Michigan Island with a party of six Friends members and NPS staff.

Meyers Beach ice cave from above - Superior Photographic

Meyers Beach ice cave from above – Peter Wagner

He hopes his Fine Art prints “ allow others to foster an appreciation of our South Shore haven, and the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.” In addition, Wagner offers to use his photography in support of Friends and our Access for All initiative.

“I am excited to be a member and supporter of this amazing organization,” he says, “and cannot wait for my next opportunity to help guarantee the future of the Apostle Islands for my children and grandchildren.”

More of Peter Wagner’s work can be found on his website Peter Wagner, Superior Photographic.

Friends would like to welcome Peter and Superior Photographic. We appreciate his support.

If you work for, or know of, a company that would enjoy supporting Friends of the Apostle Islands you can find more about our Business Membership program on our Support Us page.

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