Meyers Beach paddlers, hikers learn about Access for All ramp project during Saturday sessions

A kayaker talks with Friends board members at Meyers Beach - Mark Peterson photo

August 2, 2023

If your travels bring you to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore this month, stop by the park’s Meyer Beach trailhead. If it’s a Saturday, chances are good that you might find a Friends of the Apostle Islands board member ready and eager to meet you at this popular spot.

We’re talking to hikers of the Lakeshore Trail, paddlers launching their kayaks for the sea caves, outfitters and guides, and National Park Service rangers about our organization’s projects and our Access for All campaign.

With their boats lined up on the ground, paddlers prepare to navigate the Meyers Beach stairs on the way to the mainland sea caves - Mark Peterson photo

On summertime Saturdays, Meyers Beach is likely the busiest place in the park, because it’s the starting point for those who want to explore the mainland sea caves from the water or see them from above on the hiking trail.

Outfitters often line up their kayaks and do orientation for their guests on the lawn on the bluff before heading down the stairs to the lake.

Beachgoers head down the 45 steps from the bluff to Meyers Beach - Mark Peterson photo

Meyers Beach is also the site of our biggest project to date – replacing those stairs with an accessible ramp aimed at making it easier for people of all mobilities to get themselves and their kayaks from the bluff top to the beach and back.

Friends is working to raise $325,000 to fund half of the project. The National Park Service is working on securing matching money from a variety of sources.

Friends of the Apostle Islands booth at Meyers Beach with a blue Friends flag in the foreground - Mark Peterson photo

Friends board member Mark Peterson says paddlers on their way to explore the mainland sea caves learn first-hand what it’s like to haul their boats up and down the existing wooden stairs and how special it is to be able to kayak from the beach to the caves. He says, “our goal is to make paddlers and hikers aware of the project and hopefully to gain their support. The ramp will benefit everyone who wants to get from the top of the bluff to the beach.”

Four people carry a lime green tandem kayak down the Meyers Beach stairs - Mark Peterson photo
Hauling an inflatable boat up the Meyers Beach stairs - Mark Peterson photo

Navigating the Meyers Beach stairs – Mark Peterson photos

Meyers Beach Ramp Plan - NPS

Artist’s rendering of the proposed Meyers Beach ramp

If you see the Friends tent at Meyers Beach on Saturdays, we invite you to say hello and to learn about Access for All. And if you’re so inclined, you can make a donation.

Infinity symbol in green and orange Access for All

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