Faces of Friends: Darcy Schwerin on mindful giving

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April 15, 2024

The heart and strength of Friends of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is people. People who love the islands and step up to support the national lakeshore with their time, talent and treasure. With that in mind, we’re launching Faces of Friends, a new series where we introduce some of our Friends and explore their personal connections to the islands. So many of our Friends have great stories to tell, whether they’re park lovers, volunteers, donors, business members or board members.

During the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing their stories. This week, meet Darcy Schwerin.

The calming cadence of the waves, the lessons in balance and tenacity told in the white pines clinging to the sandstone cliffs, the Apostle Islands are a place of wisdom and teaching for many.

Stacked stones at sunrise on Lake Superior
Silhouette of tree atop Honeymoon Rock
Sandstone formation with tree

That includes Darcy Schwerin, a yoga teacher, nutrition therapy practitioner and owner of BLU studio + wellness in Bayfield who recently found a creative way to involve her community in supporting Friends of the Apostle Islands.

Darcy Schwerin on yoga mat

“Friends of the Apostle Islands is an organization close to my heart,” Darcy says. “One of the teaching points I reflect with my students about is finding your grounding and your centering when we are working together. One of the most grounding and centering aspects of my life is Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands. They are a gift that brings me joy and balance every single day.”

Darcy recently shared that gift by offering a month of Community Mediation time at her BLU studio space in Bayfield, free of charge with any donations benefiting the work of Friends of the Apostle Islands.

“To know that I was able to support an organization centered around supporting this absolutely magical place is perfect!” Darcy adds, “This lake holds healing and magic. We need to be conscious and aware of that, and Friends of the Apostles is helping us all do just that!

For more information on Darcy’s classes and programs at BLU studio + wellness, go to her website or email her at info@blubayfield.com

There are many ways to support Friends of the Apostle Islands – from volunteering your time to sharing your stories to finding your peace. Friends works because of the talents and generosity of people like Darcy, and you. Learn more about creative ways to support Friends of the Apostle Island by visiting the “Support Us” page on our website. And watch for the next Faces of Friends feature in the weeks to come.

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