Faces of Friends: artisan Kate Clark supports starry skies

Faces of Friends graphic with Kate Clark

You don’t have to look far to enjoy the beauty of the night sky in the Apostle Islands, just look up. When Friends wanted a design to depict that beauty for our Starry Skies Initiative, we didn’t have to look far either.

We turned to Penny Print Studio, a local boutique, print shop, artisan studio, and creative hub located right on Bayfield’s Manypenny Avenue established in 2022 by Friends supporters Kate and Abe Clark.

Penny Prints outside door
Penny Prints Studio

Penny Print Studio in Bayfield

Working with local artist Kara Fleming and doing the printing by hand and right on site, Penny Print designed a unique, one-of-a-kind logo for tee-shirts and canvas bags printed on-demand offering Friends the chance to both partner with local talent and keep the inspiration close to home.

We sat down with Penny Print owner Kate Clark to talk about her love of the islands and her support of Friends.

Kate holding silk screen in front of logo wall

How did you first get connected to the Apostle Islands?

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I was exposed to the Islands. My husband, Abe and I moved here for his work. We were planning to stay for a summer, but we kept finding reasons to stay. The Islands being one of those reasons–swimming the sea caves, hiking the beaches and trails, exploring shipwrecks, experiencing the Aurora Borealis are moments you can’t replace. 

How do you want the values of your business to reflect on your love for this area?

Highlighting the beauty of this area through art is very important to my work at Penny Print. I love working with local artists that are passionate about Lake Superior, botany, and silent sports. It’s a lifestyle dedicated to preservation and the celebration of the beauty we hope to keep. Design library artists receive 10% of each sale when their design is screen printed on apparel, art prints, or tea towels and napkins. 

Starry Skies silk screen set-up
Kids doing silk screening

Why do you think it is important to work to protect the Apostle Islands for the future?

Our freshwater resource is rare and extremely precious. Preserving the Islands will keep future generations healthy both physically and mentally. Untouched natural beauty heals. The healing power of this area comes from the Lake, the Islands, and the dark night sky. 

Thanks to Kate Clark and her Penny Print Studio, you too can now enjoy locally-sourced and locally-inspired artwork through our Starry Skies Initiative merchandise and help us preserve the beauty and inspiration of the night sky at the same time.

To shop for Starry Skies merchandise, click here to visit our online store.

Kate holding up Friends tote in front of silk screen frame
Starry Skies Tee Shirt Artwork
Starry Skies Tee Shirt

Photos by Friends and Penny Print Studio

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