Island School in 32nd Year

It is hard to determine who benefits most from every year’s Island School experience – 3 days of wilderness camping on Stockton Island in May. The 6-8th graders give up classroom learning and social media for a hands-on, once–in–a lifetime experience with Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands. The Northland College students who participate asContinue reading “Island School in 32nd Year”

April 11th – APIS Quarter Launch and Coin Exchange

​10am at Legendary Waters Resort, 37600 Onigamiing Drive, Red Cliff, WICommemorating the release of the 2018 APIS NL coin to be released in the US Mint “America the Beautiful” Quarters Program. It features a drawing of a kayaker along the Devil’s Island shoreline with the iconic lighthouse in the background above the sea caves. “Friends”Continue reading “April 11th – APIS Quarter Launch and Coin Exchange”

Friends to Help Park With Gifts of Time & Money

​$31,000 is our contribution to the Park in 2018, and volunteers will once again be active come spring. “We are pleased that “Friends” can contribute so significantly to address Park needs. We really appreciate their help and involvement,” says Park Superintendent Bob Krumenaker.  Specifically, “Friends” will be funding several deferred maintenance projects including replicated stormContinue reading “Friends to Help Park With Gifts of Time & Money”

Remember the Friends in your Year End Giving

​Dear “Friends,” The darkest time of the year can also be the most captivating, especially in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. I recently visited the mainland trail along the top of the sea caves and captured these scenes before and after snowfall. They are not ice caves yet but they still strike awe in theContinue reading “Remember the Friends in your Year End Giving”

Fourth Graders Take in Field Trip to the Islands

​The Lake always reminds us that she is the boss. Area 4th graders, their teachers, and all involved recentparticipated in a field trip to the islands that has been rescheduled four times.   “The 4th time was the charm,” says one of the organizers, Erica Peterson with the “Friends of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.” LastContinue reading “Fourth Graders Take in Field Trip to the Islands”

Become a “Keeper” of the Apostle Islands

​Dear “Friends,” I find myself fascinated by the word ‘keeper’ – someone who looks after something that is valuable. We are familiar with the lighthouse keepers in the Apostle Islands. Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine being on an island, keeping the light burning, tending the grounds, managing staff, providing for your family, recording the weather,Continue reading “Become a “Keeper” of the Apostle Islands”

What We Propose to Do: 2017 Projects In Brief

Clear wilderness trails affected by the Summer 2016 wind storm Resurrect Historical Day Marker Navigational Aids at Raspberry Island Light Station  Help fund a ranger’s time for the Island School and pay for transportation Provide funding to help finish constructing an early 1900’s Raspberry Island Lightkeeper’s rowing tender; a 16’ skiff that will be housed atContinue reading “What We Propose to Do: 2017 Projects In Brief”

​Consider Our Challenge: Preserving Parks for the Next 100 Years

      We are seeing the effects of climate change – warmer, wetter and more frequent damaging storms. Last summer saw an extreme rainstorm that caused widespread flooding followed by a violent windstorm that took down trees that have stood for more than a century. In the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, 16 miles ofContinue reading “​Consider Our Challenge: Preserving Parks for the Next 100 Years”

2016 FRIENDS Projects & Activities 

Hosted Coffee House Chat with Park Superintendent on Issues Facing the Park Participated in Madeline Island Wilderness Lecture Series – State of the Park Helped sponsor the celebration to add the Ashland Harbor Lighthouse to the National Lakeshore Manned an informational booth at Apple Fest, Canoecopia, Midwest Mountaineering Outdoor Adventure Expo, and Book-Across-The-Bay Submitted aContinue reading “2016 FRIENDS Projects & Activities ”