History Mysteries of the Apostle Islands

The Apostle Islands are full of beauty, adventure and wildlife. But they also have a rich and varied history. This summer, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the park, we will be exploring that history with a little help from some friends: large, nearly life-sized standing poster board images of lighthouse keepers and sailors and ship captains and island lovers and more.

Each one will ask you a question, present a mystery of island history, and offer you a QR code. Use your phone to decode the QR code; it will direct you to the answer to that History Mystery.

Look for our History Mystery cutouts popping up in local shops, on the ferry, in the parks, all over the Bayfield area, and when you find them, introduce yourself, look for the question, and explore the answer to one of the History Mysteries of the Apostle Islands. Take a selfie and share it with us, then join us at Friendsoftheapostleislands.org to support the protection of the islands, their beauty, their adventure, their wildlife, and their history.

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