About Us


Friends of the Apostle Islands are a diverse group of sailors, kayakers, boaters, divers, lighthouse lovers, hikers, fishermen, beach-combers, wildlife watchers, and many others, who share a love for these 21 islands and the 12 mile section of mainland that make up the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore of Wisconsin’s Lake Superior shore.

Caring for our place on Gichigami/What We Do

The “Friends” work to provide reliable and essential support to our park and are committed to the following pillars:


Spread an awareness of our park’s unique attributes. Provide a deep understanding of how it seamlessly contributes to our region’s vital marine landscape. Exhibit the skills necessary to discover the park. Equip users to be advocates for continued stewardship.

Accessibility for all people

Make the park one of the most accessible, inaccessible national parks; share a piece of wilderness with everyone.


Focus on practices and projects that safely enhance the visitor experience without compromising a sense of adventure.


Build a foundation that ensures sustainable protection of all park resources – natural and cultural.

We invite you to join us, and be a voice for these wild and beautiful Islands.

Our Mission is to promote an appreciation for, and preservation of, the natural environment and cultural heritage of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

Our Efforts connect people with the history, beauty, and adventure of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore; support the educational, recreational, and resource protection efforts of the National Park Service; raise funds to support park projects and events, and increase community involvement with the Islands.

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