“How do we connect with and create the next generation of park visitors, supporters, and advocates?”

If the Apostle Islands are to thrive in the face of changing times, we must keep (or make) the park relevant to both current and future generations, and to people of all demographics, including those who have yet to experience why this national park is significant. “Friends” is so charged, and especially with youth. But we also do it through our volunteer program, accessibility initiatives, publications and outreach.

Online Education Resources

Newest education stories

Lakeshore Logbook – Stu Whipple
In his logbook entry, Stu Whipple writes about being a conduit between park visitors and the natural and cultural wonders of the parks, its history, meaning and promise to the past, present and future.
Lakeshore Logbook – Jim Feldman
Like the lighthouse keepers before him, Jim Feldman learned that island living can be solitary living. And he learned to love it.
Live Zoom event “Sailing the Apostles” set for July 27th, 7p.m.
There’s nothing like feeling refreshing Lake Superior spray in your face and the power of the wind in your sails. Have you dreamed of sailing the Apostle Islands?
Explorer’s guide to the Apostle Islands just released – buy a book to support the park
Apostle Islands Water Trips is an essential resource for paddlers and boaters who want to explore the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.
Lakeshore Logbook – Diane Chalfant
Diane writes in her entry, "I didn’t accomplish anything alone…." Read about what she and the team accomplished together.
Friends volunteers lend their green thumbs, time and talent on Michigan Island
In late June, a group armed with shovels, rakes and a willingness to get their hands dirty arrived on Michigan Island to care for the gardens.
Through a child’s eyes
When adults gaze out at the Apostle Islands, they may see lighthouses, or a chance for adventure, or the relaxation of miles of sandy beaches to comb. But what does a fourth grader see when she visits the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore?
Lakeshore Logbook – Ian Williams
Navigating the narrows on Stockton Island was part of a day at the office for Ian Williams, as you'll discover in this week's Lakeshore Logbook entry.
Real-time wave information expands for paddlers and boaters in the Apostle Islands
You can now get wave and temperature Information from seven spotter buoys recently deployed throughout the islands, plus Chequamegon Bay near Ashland and Siskiwit Bay near Cornucopia.
Lakeshore Logbook – Dave Chesky
Sometimes, one island becomes your favorite when you're working in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Dave Chesky knows.
Lakeshore Logbook – Daniel Blankenship
During his off hours, Daniel led a group of kayakers who learned first-hand that the lake is the boss and her mood can change in minutes.
History Mystery: Who is considered the “father of Apostle Islands National Lakeshore?”
Francis Jacker was keeper at Raspberry Island Lighthouse from 1885 through 1892. It was a life of solitude and storms.
History Mystery: How did his support for the park cost Julian Nelson a job?
Francis Jacker was keeper at Raspberry Island Lighthouse from 1885 through 1892. It was a life of solitude and storms.
This month: 50th Anniversary exhibit at Washburn Cultural Center
Visit the Washburn Cultural Center to explore and enjoy the intersection between art, poetry and science this month.
Buy and fly a 50th Anniversary burgee!
Flying the flag on your boat or anywhere else you like is a great way to show your love of the islands. Get them while they last!
Lakeshore Logbook – Jerry Banta
Former Superintendent Jerry Banta's Logbook entry reflects more than a decade of accomplishments and memories.
June 10th solar eclipse: what you’ll see from the Apostle Islands
The good news is that we will be able to see some of the eclipse from the Apostle Islands, weather permitting. The bad news is that the best part will happen around 20 minutes before sunrise.
Scientists discover tiny new species on Outer Island
You'll need a microscope to see it but this tiny life form could unlock secrets about environmental changes of the past to help predict the future.
Prescribed pile burns scheduled for Raspberry and Michigan Islands during week of June 13th
Piles of accumulated wood debris at the Raspberry and Michigan Island light station cultural landscapes will be burned later this month.
Project update: accessible amphitheater construction nears completion Stockton Island
National Park Service crews are assembling the new accessible amphitheater on Stockton Island, helping to make the islands experience more accessible for all.

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