Lakeshore Logbook – the series

As part of our 50th Anniversary celebration, we are collecting and sharing the stories of people connected to the islands, whether they are park guests, former residents or former park employees.

“Lakeshore Logbook,” is a collection of memories provided by former National Park Service employees.

Living and working in the park on a day to day basis, they’ve experienced a lot to be sure. We hope you enjoy their perspectives.

We’re archiving the Logbook entries here. Have fun paging through the logbook as we celebrate 50 years of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

New series: Lakeshore Logbook
This is the first in our series called "Lakeshore Logbook," a collection of memories provided by former National Park Service employees.
Lakeshore Logbook – Larry Johnson
"I will always look back at my time at Apostle Islands with great fondness, great memories and great friends. I would do it all again if I could."
Lakeshore Logbook – Zach Rozmiarek
This former interpretive ranger says he desperately wanted to see a bear on the islands. What happened is a story he will never forget.
Lakeshore Logbook – Kayci Cook Collins
Kayci is the fourth generation of her family to work for the National Park Service. She served as Chief of Interpretation and Resource Education.
Lakeshore Logbook – Jim Dahlstrom
Jim Dahlstrom's logbook entry spans the seasons and the generations.
Lakeshore Logbook – Vicki Webster
Vicki's work outside the Raspberry Island lighthouse decades ago is still growing strong today.
Lakeshore Logbook – Paul Chalfant
This Logbook entry includes a harrowing night trying to prevent storm winds from destroying sailboats docked at Rocky Island.
Lakeshore Logbook – Jeff Rennicke
He's dad to the "littlest light keeper," contributed to the vibrant paddling opportunities the park now offers, and is on a mission to support the park in a new way.
Lakeshore Logbook – Sheree Peterson
APIS was a fairly new park, and no one that I knew had even heard of it. But I loved Lake Superior, and headed north in my white Rambler station wagon.
Lakeshore Logbook – Jason Johnson
Operating a park vessel in sea conditions greater than five feet and actually rescueing someone in these conditions is an amazing feeling.
Lakeshore Logbook – Robin Maercklein
You might call him a rebel with a cause. Robin tells us about his life as a naturalist and a "wild hair" he entertained during his final weeks in the park.
Lakeshore Logbook – Jim Nepstad
A brush with fame on Outer Island, a hungry, reluctant mama bear and an Ojibwe ceremony are all part of this week's Lakeshore Logbook entry.
Lakeshore Logbook – Merrith Baughman
Working in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore can be a life-changing experience. It was for Merrith Baughman in more ways than one.
Lakeshore Logbook – Elise Lennon
Bayfield High School students like Elise gain valuable work experience and life experience while working in the park.
Lakeshore Logbook – Christy Baker
Christy Baker's Lakeshore Logbook entry includes a story about some surprising kayaking freeloaders.
Lakeshore Logbook – Tom and Wendy Bredow
Wendy and Tom Bredow provide this week's daughter-father Lakeshore Logbook entry from a bear's den on the islands.
Lakeshore Logbook – Josh Sweet
It doesn't take long for the Apostle Islands to make a big impression, as you'll discover in this week's Lakeshore Logbook entry.
Lakeshore Logbook – Jerry Banta
Former Superintendent Jerry Banta's Logbook entry reflects more than a decade of accomplishments and memories.
Lakeshore Logbook – Daniel Blankenship
During his off hours, Daniel led a group of kayakers who learned first-hand that the lake is the boss and her mood can change in minutes.

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