Michigan Island Lighthouse at Sunset-Print of the Year for 2014


A Limited Edition canvas print: 20” x 16” x 1”, $150 + ship/handle
This picture was taken at sunset June 16, 2014. Photographers Mark Weller and John Rummel, along with Dick Carver, were on Michigan Island, attempting to capture a new image for their series “The Lights of the Apostle Islands” which captures the Milky Way over the iconic lighthouses of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. With this image, you can see the clouds building which ultimately tuned into a five nights of cloudy conditions, impossible for astrophotography. While the weather didn’t allow for the Milky Way, it did give Mark Weller the opportunity to capture this stunning sunset taken from atop the old Michigan Island lighthouse of the newer and taller Michigan Island Light tower.

Limited Edition of 100 prints, signed and numbered.  Photographer:  Mark Weller
Thanks to the National Park Service for their support: Bob Krumenaker, Superintendent

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