Devils Looking Glass-Apostle Islands Print of the Year for 2017


A framed print:  26″ x 21″ on archival cotton, $300 + ship/handle
This image was made on Devils Island, 28 minutes after sunrise on July 11th, 2017. We knew the early morning sun would bathe the sandstone shoreline in a glorious warm light, accentuating the natural reds in the many layers in the rock ledges and walls. We also knew the only way to capture this special light was to make the hike in darkness, get into position and wait for the magic to happen.

Kayakers know this place as the East Landing. In contrast to the sheer cliffs, sea caves and eroded shoreline elsewhere, this rocky outcrop is a rare safe harbor. It is a place where – when conditions are right – they can safely and easily haul their boats onto dry land after exploring the nearby sea caves or making safe passage from a distant island.

Devils Looking Glass” captures the essence of the islands. Centuries of Lake Superior wave action carved a shallow bowl into the sandstone known as the Devils Island Formation. The mirror-like pool of cold, still water reflects the trees on the bluff and the clear blue sky above. It is as much a looking glass into the past, as it is a reflection of the present.

This image represents much of what the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore has to offer: Rugged beauty; a quiet solitude born of the remoteness of the island; and on a calm morning like this one, a place for soulful reflection.  It is truly a special place.

This image is the ninth in our series celebrating the outstanding visual beauty of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.  It will join our legacy prints:  Outer Island lighthouse 2009, Sand Island Lighthouse 2010, Raspberry Lighthouse 2011, Devils Lighthouse 2012, Michigan Island 2013, Outer Island 2014, and Michigan Island Lighthouse 2015 and 100 years of Rainbows in 2016.

Photographers: Jon Okerstrom    Mark Weller    Jaime Lanxon
Thanks to the National Park Service and Superintendent Bob Krumenaker for their support.

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Devils Looking Glass-Apostle Islands Print of the Year for 2018

Devils Looking Glass-Apostle Islands Print of the Year for 2017