Jewels on the Water: Lake Superior’s Apostle Islands


A book that captures the beauty of the islands along Lake Superior’s shore near Bayfield, Wisconsin. The photography is wonderful as well as stories. This is a hardcover with 128 pages. Published by Friends of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore (2005).


“Other islands begin to appear out of the mist, sparkling in the rain-washed light. It happens slowly. Tatters of fog will cling to the trees like gray-white ribbons for hours, but that seems fitting too. These islands reveal themselves slowly. No matter how you come here – by sail or paddle or powerboat or on the excursion boat – the Apostle Islands cannot be taken in all at once or captured as easily as a postcard sunset. They are too much for that. There are stories among these islands, but they come slowly, one lifting fog, one wave, one island, one story at a time.”