Outer Island Lighthouse-100 Years of Rainbow-Apostle Islands Print of the Year for 2016


A framed print: 21.5″x22.5″ on archival cotton, $300 + ship/handle
This picture of a rainbow which perfectly frames the Outer Island lighthouse was taken June 5, 2016 a few moments before sunset. A storm had just blown through and the sun was sneaking a peak through a slit in the clouds close to the horizon. With this image, we commemorate both the 2016 centennial of the National Park Service and the 100th birthday (June 4, one day before we took our shot) of Senator Gaylord Nelson, the park’s founder and namesake.

This image marks a change in our series on Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Starting with this photograph we will produce an annual image that celebrates the outstanding visual beauty of this special place. It will join our legacy prints: Outer Island lighthouse 2009, Sand Island Lighthouse 2010, Raspberry Lighthouse 2011, Devils Lighthouse 2012, Michigan Island 2013, Outer Island 2014, and Michigan Island Lighthouse 2015.

We used a Canon 1D X Mark II with a Canon TS-E 24mm lens. The tilt-shift lens is well-suited to architecture and landscapes in part because it allows the photographer to control perspective and create panoramas by moving the optical elements inside the lens while the camera itself does not move. This unique lens enables the photographer to seamlessly blend a series of shots into one very high resolution, seamless image.
This photograph, 100 Years of Rainbows, is two horizontal images taken seconds apart and stacked vertically to capture the entire scene from the rain-dampened sidewalk to the rainbow’s arc over the Outer Island Lighthouse.
Photographers: Jon Okerstrom, Mark Weller, Jaime  Lanxon
Thanks to the National Park Service for their support: Bob Krumenaker, Superintendent

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Outer Island Lighthouse-100 Years of Rainbow

Outer Island Lighthouse-100 Years of Rainbow